the i-heart list

a few random samples from yesterday's online wanderings:

this artist's work (you have to click on the notebook to see her stuff)
and this one too (it's kind of whimsical and abstract with tons of movement, which i like. her blog is here.)
playlist.com - quite possibly one of the best inventions ever. i've found a bunch of great new songs from stumbling across other people's blogs with playlists on them...

... including almost lover by a fine frenzy, which i found on this blog. i didnt discover the song until the second time i'd visited it (i guess with my speakers turned on) and fell in love with it. it's so melancholy and beautiful. go. go now.

this art. i don't know art terminology, but i'm going to go ahead and say that i love the colours and layering in it. if her work were a singer's voice, i'd say i love the timbre. (woo! that was pretty good!)

i've also gone and fallen in love with my lunch. spinach salad with grape tomatoes, sliced deli turkey breast and raspberry vinaigrette. it's like a sandwich, but better. i'd take a picture, but it's already eaten.

finally, i've decided that typewriters are fantastic things as well. they don't only look awesome and vintage-y, but i love everything that they stand for and the sound of them typing is the music of productivity. (even if you're just typing random letters. it's such a satisfying sound. try it.) i used to have one when i was a kid that my mom found in my grandma's attic - i used to write stories on it while imagining myself wearing a wool blazer & horn-rimmed glasses in a small dingy apartment, living the life of a freelancer. i'd like to buy one now... not to use, just to have. and keep. kind of like sculptural art. (would it be fair to call it an antique yet?)

in the meanwhile, i think i'll just buy this print.

(photo courtesy of aliciabock)

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