pretty good, for my first online vintage shopping experience

now, i'm not normally the hugest fan of vintage stuff (there's something about ceramic knicknacks from the 70's that makes me want to poke my eyes out, actually) but today i set out looking on etsy for things that i don't normally go a-hunting for. at first it was pretty hard and i just wanted to go back to window shopping the pretty things that i normally spend time browsing. i started out looking for vintage radios so that i could jimmy them up into cool ipod docking speakers, but i couldn't find what i had in mind. so i jumped ship and started looking for a white rotary phone. not off-white or light yellow, mind you. white-as-the-freshly-fallen-snow-white.

apparently nothing back then was made in anything but off-white or pastel. or orange, for the super-funk folks. how frustrating.

but my search was not in vain, 'cause i found a whole bunch of super cool items that, if i found at a flea market or garage sale, i'd be all over like white on rice. (...or like off-white or pastel, given that we're talking about vintage goodies here)

chocolatey phone via kingsroad is pretty sweet - i love the curviness of it. if only i could find it in red...
wall clock via
meadowbellevintage - for some reason, this reminds me of the gold-and-brown wallpaper that used to be in my grandmother's kitchen.
gooorrrgeous lamp via
highstreetmarket - dear. god. i'd buy this if it weren't so completely out of my price range. maybe i can just find a similar vase somewhere and wire it into a lamp.
awesome chair via
jawaddel (would love to get my hands on it to paint the wood and change the vinyl...)
super cool salt and pepper shakers also via jawaddel - i wish i had a need for salt and pepper shakers, cause these babies are definitely one of a kind.
metal letter 'O' via
whiteelephantvintage - i've been looking for a wooden letter W for a while now (it just looks prettier than a 'C'...), but if i could find one like this i'd be one happy camper.

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please sir said...

Such lovely finds - I love seeing all the great retro objects out there!


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