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wandering around the interweb, i stumbled upon something pretty sweet for toronto artists recently here. how is it that i wasn't aware of it's existence?! after having read through it and through a forum thread on etsy, it's got me thinking. i'd like to look into organizing a small art & craft show in the toronto area. has anyone ever done this before?

also, i've been checking out quite a few new blogs in the past few weeks, but haven't yet had the chance to update my blogroll with my favourites for at least four or five months (youch!). in no particular order, here's the newest ones (and a few 'old new' ones, if you know what i mean...) - you should take a minute and check 'em out because they're awesome!

artkitten's post on all things mustard yellow was posted exactly the day that i stumbled across a kick-ass mustard-coloured woolly cardigan that i fell in love with instantly. which, all things considered, is pretty uncharacteristic of me. (not because i dont fall in love instantly - but because i have never, ever, in my entire life, liked mustard yellow clothing.) either way, i've been on a mustard kick ever since then and haven't been able to go into a store without looking for similar things. case in point with the above necklace by monishar.

and oh, did i mention this post makes number 100?

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Art Kitten said...

:) :)

I don't know what it is with this color! You know it took me a very long time to wear colors that were "bright" but in my old age I have been embracing them more at more.

Congratulations on your 100th post and thank you very much for the mention! You have good tastes in blogs as well, some of my favs are yours too :)


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