hello monday, you dear sweet thing

post ninety nine! i can hardly believe it.

how was everyone's weekend? although it went by super-quickly, mine wrapped up pretty nicely with a convo from etsy artist shauneil to let me know that my blue clips had been featured in her treasury. what a sweet late-sunday-night surprise!

this weekend was a pretty laid-back one - celebrated a belated birthday over pizza, beer and a little survivorman, went grocery shopping and all of the other sorts of daily errands, plus headed up to barrie to visit some friends. sweet, simple and relaxing. call me a weirdo, but i love grocery shopping. walking around all of the fresh veggies, fruits, cheeses and meats, coming up with meal ideas for the next week... it holds so much potential. it's even better when it's at the st. lawrence market downtown, and i've money to spend on artisanal cheeses, mustards and fresh-baked bread. maybe i should've been a chef.


this chicken said...

What a lovely collection of blue items! I quite like food shopping too actually, when I have a good amount of time to spend doing it - lazily wandering the isles in search of new and fresh foods. Yum.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, I seem to have a lot going on at the moment! A trip and a half marathon in the next two weeks... I would have the weekend to recover but the in-laws have decided to visit, so I can't see me having much of a break between then and now.

Now though, I'm off to peek at the Etsy links...

please sir said...

Oh I had a great weekend - thanks! What a lovely round-up of blue!

Julia said...


I loved the sound of your day *sighs* Just delightful!

I've missed so many posts! Congrats on making it to a yummy treasury. I can't wait to see what you have cooking in your store right now!

By the way, your last post on gratitude and frame of mind was PERFECT! I want to print it out and paste it to my cubicle walls!


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