double up wednesday

i dont generally double up on posting in a day, but i have two very important things i need to say. firstly:

... i hope blogger's not trying to communicate with me. this may be problematic. (ok, sorry. i thought it was pretty funny. simple things amuse simple minds, right?)


big thanks to robin for sending me the title of that gratitude blog i was talking about last friday:

it's called three beautiful things. i quite possibly googled every combination of 'gratitude', 'gratefulness' and 'blog' - and every synonym thereof - that i could think of. no dice. thanks robin, you rock! (and by the by, so does your gorgeous blog).

a sample of it's goodness:

1. At the first stroke, the sharp new point on my pencil pops and crumbles into a tiny constellation, black on white.
2. Dry morning. No-one in sight. Dew wet footprints on the path get fainter step by step.
3. One last push late at night to finish my day's proofreading.

i'm adding it to my blogroll. now go devour it.


Julia said...

Isn't it creepy when they actually "say" things in the word verification? Yikes! Well, if I were your word verification I would've written:


Thank you so much for the intro to Robin's blog and her precious words. I loved reading those sweet examples!

Robin said...

I'm so glad to be of help! I knew all these hours blog surfing would come in handy one day...


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