delay central

sunday... you big beautiful humid sunday that just happens to be my littlest sisters 18th birthday. what a finale to yet another four-day weekend (yeah yeah i know, but it's the last one until thanksgiving!). due to the fact that i was at my dad's place until friday night (which is dial-up internet cause that's all he can get up north)... and mike's all weekend (and his router was down), i didn't get half as much done this weekend as i'd originally anticipated. but the new router is all hooked up and rockin (i was connected about three seconds after mike had it set up) anxious much?

however, i did get started on a few new things for my shop, which is awesome (albeit behind schedule). i'm super excited to unveil my new stuff, which is a bit different from the jewelry and odds and todds that i'd been doing before. (dont get me wrong, i'm still working on that stuff too - a girl just needs a little bit of variety to spice things up sometimes!)

either way, things are slowly coming into fruition. my to-do list is pretty much the same size, but at least i feel like we've got a bit of progress going on.

and if that's not enough, it's hotter outside than it has been for most of our rainy summer! i'm goin' out to play. and wrap birthday presents. happy happy miss arianne! how was everyone else's weekend?


Julia said...

Your weekend sounds uber productive :) Even if you didn't cross anything off the list! You're paving the way for that later down the road!

My weekend was gloriously lazy :)

please sir said...

Sounds exciting about your productive schedule! Yeah I had a pretty lazy weekend too.

ThePeachTree said...

Woo Hoo! Happy Humid birthday :)

Alexis said...

I just had to pop in and say that I love the movie "Sliding Doors" (from your profile as well! No one ever knows what I'm talking about when I tell them I love that movie!


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