good morning, good morning, good morning

well hello world! wunderbug is officially back up and running, along with a shiny new banner! i seem to have ADD when it comes to branding but i'd like to work towards creating a more uniform look to the shop. it's officially on my to-do list. it'll most likely come about when i finish up the few new items i'm currently working on.

this week is lookin pretty sweet. along with the back to school hype, i've been taking time to get more organized and create a game plan for how i'd like things to go... along with actually implementing it. i love settling back into routine. it's calming.

the crisp autumn mornings have arrived, there was a student playing acoustic guitar in one of our main buildings this morning while i was going to get my coffee, and i found out that our fall poster sale is scheduled for next week.

yeah, it's gonna be a good day.

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