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september 3rd.

three enormous orientation events and one orientation week later, i'm happy with everything that i've accomplished. holy satisfied, batman.

i've a glorious five-day weekend coming up, and i'm going to spend it enjoying the final days of summertime ('cause in my books, it's summertime until it's not hot anymore). although i love the fall, i'm planning on milking summer for all it's worth.

one of my favourite signs of late august is the countless bales of hay in every field. for some reason, lately i've been trying to think of a comparison for describing hair using the colour of late-summer hay. they never quite turn out as positively as i first imagine it...

"she had hair like summer-spun hay".

... dry and crunchy? nope.

"her hair was golden like twilight on august bales of hay"

... so it's brassy then? yellow hair? and besides, when else do you see bales of hay but in august? you certainly couldn't say "...as golden as mid-march hay", cause that's just not saying much at all.

the imagery is rich in my head, but somehow doesn't translate as smoothly into the written word. maybe i just have to tweak it a little. {either that, or i've got a subconscious vendetta against the word 'hay'. it doesn't sound like the most complimentary thing after all, does it? then again, 'straw' doesn't come off sounding much better}.

and these are my dorked-out daydreams. take me for a ride in the countryside, and i ponder similes. guess i need to get out more often (or start reading more fiction to lend me a hand with some inspiration).

next up: corn silk.


this chicken said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! It made me smile! I could possibly say the same about your blog name, I quite like the sound of 'wunderbug' it's cute :)

Haha, the herbs, I'm growing basil and parsely on my windowsill at the moment - the basil always ends up drying out from root up, when I start cutting at it - it always ends up looking scrawny! I do like telling people though that I cook with my own herbs. Fresh ones are so much nicer than dried. Fresh basil in a tomato pasta sauce, yum ;)

This post made me giggle by the way!

Julia said...

You are the funniest girl! I loved all the similes :) And you're right, hay is a hard one to translate positively in relation to hair. Hmm. Corn silk might be better! :)


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