goodbye, ruby tuesday

yesterday was another one of those days. you know - the kind where you have to take a deep breath and focus on the things that relax and inspire you to keep from buying into other people's crap.

i choose to move on and not dwell in it. moving on now.

lately, i've been thinking that i'd like to give my hand a try at chain maille. although it's never quite been my 'thing' before (although medieval is interesting to read about, i'm not overly big into the wearing of it)... but when i was at the Cobourg street festival a few months ago, I came across an artist who made some of the most gorgeous bracelets i've ever seen in my life. and what do you know? they're chainmaille. (colour me embarrassed!) then again, after my recent infatuation with mustard yellow, i suppose i shouldn't be overly surprised.

the problem with me and trying something new is that i lose interest quickly. some things are easy to just pick up and get going with... others, (like chainmaille) seem to require a certain number or size of jump rings and a certain pattern that can vary between beginners and death defying. oy. maybe i'll just order some jump rings and get a-hookin. we'll see what comes of it.

or maybe i've got creative ADD. or a severe case of the creative fidgets.

speaking of ADD, onto something completely different: i've ordered my first ever art print from the oh-so-talented kal barteski. i can barely wait to get it.

moving onward and upward into a better day than yesterday.

(the above necklace is designed by barbara hance via beading daily)

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