a simple decision

i choose not to let the negativity of others affect my well-being and the way i live my life. i choose to live my life simply and happily, because i truly believe that good things come to those who believe in them. the more you look for these things in your day, the easier it becomes to find them.

it's a mindframe, not something that happens by chance.

a while ago, i heard one of my favourite radio show hosts talking about a blog that was based on gratitude... the author made note of three things each day that she was grateful for. at first it was difficult to look back over her day to find three.. but after a while it because easier, and she'd pick them out as they were happening - to the point that it was almost second nature. simple things, like the the summer sunshine highlighting the leaves on the ash tree, or the old man who stoops every day to feed breadcrumbs to pigeons in the park. as pollyanna as it sounds, she said that after a while it caused an enormous shift in her daily outlook. i've tried googling the blog to see if i can find it, but haven't had any success.

either way, i think this is a fantastic idea.

today, i choose to take a deep breath and move past the idle chatter. happy friday everyone - find some simple things in your weekend to enjoy.
photo taken by mike


Anonymous said...

Smart words. :) Some of my favorite blogs are those with grateful writers!!

Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVE this. thank you so much for this lovely and inspiring post. xo

Robin said...

I think the site you're speaking of is Three Beautiful Things.

I'm new to your blog, via Please Sir; I am loving it!


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