back to school: 1, new years: 0

given the spirit and nature of the back-to-school season, i'm really tempted to say that early september - with all of it's fresh-start-back-to-school hubbub - should beat out new years as far as resolutions go. really.

think about it... do you get a new binder with 250 fresh sheets of hilroy lined paper, with that little red margin line down the side at new years? no.

do you get a new pencilcase, chock full of pointy-sharp pencils prepared for any word problem that the math teacher might throw your way at new years? no!

do you get a completely fresh start with brand-new professors and classmates at new years? (well... sometimes, depending on the semester.. but that's beside the point. let's just go with another resounding no for arguments sake. besides, what new years offers you a fresh start in anything but the date anyhow?)

so really then, why is it that new years has always been the holiday famous for it's resolutions? it's only a conceptual tradition; a new school year is a wide-open horizon that begins simply with "this year, i'm going to....". in the last two days, i've lost count of the number of student conversations i've overheard about their big plans for 'this year'.

it's funny how those intentions and impulses echo even after i've finished my degree. my ever-planning and strategizing mind is going into overdrive with all of the possibilities that september holds.
hullo september, welcome in!

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Art Kitten said...

I completely agree, I always see September as the start of the new year anyway, not January 1st. I always feel that I am starting over in September, that I have a chance to do better than I did the year before.

Julia said...

Cheers, darling! This is a perfect way to look at the beginning of the school year. I'm not even in school but I feel that excitement and feeling of "fresh start" overcome me at this time of year! It's exciting! Makes me want to pull out my journal and pick out new pens :)

Anonymous said...

So true! And accessories can totally help keep the resolutions! ;)

wunderbug said...

i'm a big (big) fan of accessories. :)


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