comin' up soon

this weekend was absolutely, positively what the doctor ordered. four days off that felt like a month just does something for your system that the typical two-day weekend doesn't. i can barely remember all the way back to what i did on friday.

some highlights include: model home "shopping" with mike (a new obsession..), late-night spontaneous pizza while watching the bourne trilogy (spontaneous late-night pizza tastes better), getting errands done, and beginning my hunt for accomodations for our yearly trip to the bala cranberry festival over the course of my birthday weekend this upcoming october.

it's this little tiny cranberry-harvesting festival that my mom discovered a while back that apparently is a big deal for the region. it showcases a lot of the little town of bala, including a sidewalk sale and an indoor craft sale, deep-fried mars bars, bagpipers, leprechauns (random, i know) and more. it's really super quaint, and i love it. come to think of it, every year that we've gone has been either chilly-cold or drizzly. or both. i guess it goes to show that we're troopers and keep coming back every year (and bringing more people!). it's turned into a girls getaway of sorts.

(these are shots from the past cranberry festivals that we've attended)

after having spent last year's festival in a hotel that was a little further away than we preferred, i decided to get on it early this year and find something cheaper, nicer, and closer. i'm thinking that a two- or three-bedroom cottage would be nice, so that we can have everyone in one (larger) space instead of cramming into a tiny hotel room with a few bottles of wine after a long day in the cold october air. i'm having a bit of trouble finding one thus far, but hey - i like a challenge.

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