into a different mindframe

one of the best things i can think of about having a bit more free time right now is the fact that i can turn my attentions to getting my etsy shop all revamped and prettified. i'd been neglecting it more than i preferred to over the summertime and eventually ended up putting up a notice to say i was revamping (y'know, so cobwebs and dust bunnies didn't move in..) but a few recent visits to other people's shops have recently kick-started my butt back into gear.

as of late, i've been super obsessed with art prints... a coworker of mine is big into owning original artwork (personally, i can't afford it yet), but also is big on the custom framing of it. i totally agree on this point; a well-framed piece of artwork (original or otherwise) can help to make or break it's effect on the viewer. i'd love to learn the fine art of framing .. from the research i've done already, i'm sure the techniques themselves aren't all that difficult - but as with most art forms, i'd assume that the skill lies in the practice and having a good eye for what works.

here are a few of my most recent frame-able desires:
two - poppies print, by jellybeans
three - hello there, by studio mela
four - whats important, by greenchairpress


blazedanielle said...

Yay for getting the shop all prettified! ;) I too am doing the same!

Julia said...

Whoohooo! I love, love those prints, especially the one from greenchairpress!

I can't wait to see how the "prettyifying" goes!


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