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i really need to quit watching cnn. it's as if they just learned the definition of the word 'crisis'. the world is ending and nobody's going to have any money, water, oil or food. everyone's going to be billions (no, trillions!) of dollars in debt. pigs are going to fly. hell is about to freeze over. stocks are plummeting, banks are bankrupt, and the souffle has fallen flat. (oh, dear!)

but chin up, kittens... good news. i'm going to the niagara wine festival this weekend, and word on the street is that 2007 niagara rieslings are to die for (dahhhlink). it's pretty much the only good thing that i've heard recently, and so i'll have to go and make damn sure i enjoy it before the world blows up. cheers!

what are your plans for the weekend?

photo via basheertome

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Julia said...

Bravo! I'm cheering just at the thought of your adventure this weekend! DO tell us all about the delicious wines you taste. I'm so, so jealous! :)


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