hello finish line!

holy delivery, postman!

i've a sneaky suspicion that the post office might have been holding a bunch of my incoming purchases hostage and has decided to deliver them to me all in one giant batch.

{sweet - at least they're delivering them to me, right?}

i'm suuuuper happy that i've received all but one of the gifts that i've ordered online. everything looks spectacular and just the way i'd expected it to. i'm almost done my shopping - just three more presents to go! i'm really excited for a few gifts in particular to get to their recipients this year.. i love it when i know i've got something that's a combination of meaningful and awesome at the same time - too bad i can't share what it is here. yet.

what are you most excited to give this year?
photo via alan chao


Massacremike said...

I am most excited to give the STUPENDOUSLY AWESOME gift I got for YOU! (wink, tease)

Julia said...

LOL! I love his answer to your question!

I'm so excited to give my hubby his blue nano :) Whoohoo!

Taylor said...

I'm excited to give my husband his christmas gift this year...(an xBox 360)...can't wait!


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