the bookworm 13

i've just added a few new books to my book list. just a few. it's gonna be a long {literary} summer.

all things slow:
01. beyond 9 to 5: your life in time by sarah norgate
02. the age of speed: learning how to thrive in a more-faster-now world by vince poscente {yes, i know this seems interesting given my slow living penchant, but i like to know what's going on in The Other Camp if for no other reason than for informational purposes}

green, green, and green. (and a bit slow too):
03. the world without us by alan weisman
04. deep economy: the wealth of communities and the durable future by bill mckibben
05. cradle to cradle: remaking the way we make things by william mcdonough & michael braungart
06. building the green economy: success stories from the grassroots by kevin danaher

for pensive digestion:
07. the omnivore's dilemma by michael pollan
08. in defense of food by michael pollan

09. stuffed and starved by raj patel.

10. little cakes from the whimsical bakehouse by kaye & liv hansen
11. barefoot contessa at home by ina garten

everybody needs a little fiction in their lives:
12. in her shoes by jennifer weiner
13. the birth of venus by sarah dunant


Julia said...

Good lord, what a fabulous reading list you have going there! So many I've never even heard of! Will you keep us posted on how these books go, and whether you'd recommend them? Also, I REALLY need to put In Her Shoes on my list this summer!

wunderbug said...

i'll most definitely keep you posted ... provided i can afford to purchase all of these books. it may take a while, but damn it, i'll get 'er done!

i'm super excited for in her shoes. AND i just bought eat pray love, so i should remember to tack that on to my list as well.

Massacremike said...

I watched Raj Patel on The Hour a few months back. He was talking about his book and I'd like to read it too!

Julia said...

You'll like eat pray love! It made me laugh, and cry, and go "aww, I completely understand!"

wunderbug said...

mike - you can have it after i'm done with it. or you can buy it and i'll borrow it. i'm not picky. ;)

julia - i think every female on the face of the earth has read it by this point, so i feel like it's time i catch myself up!


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