long weekend, day two

so we're almost through our long weekend and i've yet to wear a short sleeved shirt (without a jacket) ... and i've yet to wear anything resembling a skirt or sandals.

um, hello long weekend, did you not get the memo? we need some warm! lets bust out the hot weather over here.

(well ok, i lied a lil bit about the sandals thing. i wore a pair of open-toe wedges to mike's sister's bridal shower. it just sounds more effective when i'm exaggerating, doesnt it?)

either way. it was raining like a mutha today... we even got a little bit of hail for good measure. all we'd need is snow and we'd have had the entire range of crappy weather. (sorry, no, i'm not tempting fate here.) but all in all, a pretty sweet day. while mike hung out with his out-of-town family and did boy stuff like talk about technology and satellite tv, i got a chance to relax at home with my sisters and mom and watched august rush.

ok, yeah, so it was a little bit over the top and the dialogue sometimes belabored the point, trying to make it seem more magical when i felt like it just felt like it was skirting precariously on the edge of craziness... but all in all, it was ok. definitely a renter. when there's nothing else really in the movie store. and it's a rainy day. and into the wild is available but you cant watch it because you promised your boyfriend that you'd watch it with him (cause you're just a nice person like that).

i'm sure you get my drift. anyhow. we watched it, and i didnt feel like i wasted 2 hours of my life so it all turned out well in the end.

tomorrow: big-ass brunch planned with mike's outgoing relatives before they drive back to sudbury... and then my mutha-from-anutha ... uh.. mutha (?) is having a surprise party so we'll be heading off to that. (define: she's my second mom.) then... RELAX! nothing. i have a pile of polymer clay stuff that i'd like to create, plus i had a pair of earrings commissioned so i hope to work on those a lil bit.

oh yeah, plus, i have another two days to my victoria day weekend after everyone else goes back to work on tuesday. (can i get a woot woot?)

now, if we can just get it to stop raining...

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Julia said...

You'll get a woot woot from me :)

How was brunch?


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