weekend + early week recap

so. saturday turned out to be a bit of a rainy day so i bailed on the garage sale idea (it's just not the same in the rain!) and slept in a bit. i most definitely saw iron man with mike and our friends rob and justyna and... well... it was actually pretty good. that is to say, except for the part where i drank a huge movie theatre pop, then had to pee super bad right near the beginning of the movie, but far enough into it that people had gotten comfortable and started to lose themselves in the imaginative world of Marvel comics.

i looked down the aisle to my left... it was pretty packed. checked the right... same thing. aisle full of people. {we thought that our seats were prime seats until i realized there was no escape without pissing a bunch of comic book fans off... on the third night of a hugely anticipated superhero movie.} so i excusemepardonmethankyou'ed my way out of the aisle, made it to the washroom and excusemepardonmethankyou'ed my way right back in to my centre seat again. if looks could kill, i tell ya. i would have been dead meat.

i'm glad i'm not dead meat.

we got our drop-in program up and running yesterday successfully (woot!) for new students, and things have been going well and the team is doing an awesome job thus far. awesome. awesome. we couldn't be happier. (plus mike directed & edited the short video featured on that site, and he did a super job of that too.) they've been doing their own blogs for new students to read & follow prior to starting university and damn can these guys write! awesome. {did i mention awesome?} they have such incredibly creative & innovative ideas for their content, i'm actually totally blown away.

tomorrow: work's still pretty busy but in the evening i hope to meet up with a financial advisor, inspired by the book i'm reading right now (for the second time), david bach's smart women finish rich. i've recently decided on a fairly large (and seemingly insurmountable) goal for me to buy a house... which requires a down payment {and yes, i have very little money to go towards said down payment} but i figure, with a little bit of strategic planning, i can take a few steps toward that goal. and my book is working as inspiration along the way. {seriously, i'd highly recommend it to anyone... it's by the same author who wrote 'the automatic millionaire', 'start late, finish rich', and 'smart couples finish rich'}.

speaking of goals, i was able to get to the gym tonight for the first time in a week and a bit. it's funny how working a busy week (or two, or three) exhausts you. no more of that! you might say that this here girl is back on track. i ran (ellipsed?) 3.5 miles baby -- that's pretty good for having missed a few visits!

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Julia said...

Baby, that's a GREAT visit to the gym, that looks like the most incredible book (need to go find it at BN now), absolutely awesome site and stinkin' hillarious story about having to pee through the start of Iron Man! God, I just howled when I read that! I've been there :)

Are you garage saling this weekend?


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