seven heaven

things that were good that happened today:
01) because i've got a late meeting tonight, i'm working a shifted day. i got up this morning, went to the gym, then got to come home and have a leisurely breakfast of sausages, eggs & homefries (just a few!) with jess and our friend who's visiting from london. delish!

02) it's more sunny and less windy today than it was yesterday.

03) it's hump day. 'nuff said. (heehee)

04) i drank the proper amount of water. feelin good.

05) i've reduced the time that it takes me to ellipse (cause that's what you do on an elliptical) 2.5k by three minutes. woot!

06) jason pollan's 'every person in new york' series makes me happy in a picasso-esque way. i'd love to buy one of them and put it in a simple red eggshell painted wooden frame. mmm. and put it on my windowsill in my office. shyeah.

07) etsy's featured seller today, bykali, makes super cool belt buckles. i'd like to buy this one. plus, she just seems like a damn cool person. (ever feel like you'd just like to have a huge convention of all the online people you'd like to meet, and see if they are the same way as you'd imagined them? maybe i'm just curious like that.)


maybum said...

I saw this in your name for the longest time, but never realized you had an actual blog blog. So... hello! Glad to see you're still making beautiful jewelery.

Julia said...

Hurrah, hurrah! You are so cute! I love all of these :)

wunderbug said...

JOOBS! HI! aw! i'm glad you stopped by, i missed you!

design for mankind. said...

Aww, thanks for visiting my blog! Your jewelry is lovely and I just adore those clothespins! :)


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