crisp, clean, white

sometimes a girl just needs some crisp white walls. it's like having a crisp white blouse - classic chic and oh-so-flexible. today, i'm that kind of girl.

i found this hell's kitchen loft via design*sponge, designed by david allee. that window is to die for. i need, i pine.

these two beauties (below), i found while looking on absolutely beautiful things. if i had tons of money, i could remake my cottage aka dad's house into something that looks like this. but i don't think he'd go for it since he likes it as-is. ah well - a girl can dream. (but daaaad, all we'd need is new flooring! and new furniture! and white paint!)

happy thursday, everyone. we're almost there!


Julia said...

Oh so glorious, darling! I too love her blog! You've picked some amazing photos. Inspiring photos :)

Off to do some more e'sploring :)

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Mmm. Love the white. And the big swinging window. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to step into the picture?

wunderbug said...

i'm glad that you guys like it - particularly the hells kitchen one; it reminds me of those first few early summer days when you're getting ready for a productive saturday and you can hear the collective hum of neighbourhood lawnmowers on the breeze.

mmm indeed.


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