sweet art and the oldest living things

last week, i was speaking with one of my super cool colleagues who is also an etsy and handmade-art fiend (buyer, not seller) and she was telling me about this website called 20x200, where people can buy one of a limited edition of 200 art prints from various artists (including some big names as well, apparently) for $20, or 20 for $200, or 2 for $2000. suh-weet! now, being the furthest thing from a fine art connoisseur, i wouldn't know a big name if it were to come up and bite me in the face, but i know that some of it looks pretty freakin' awesome.

one of the artists featured was rachel sussman, who is a lady on a pretty cool mission: according to the 20x200 blog, ms rachel is "researching, working with biologists, and traveling around the world to photograph living organisms, aged 2000 years old and older" for her photographic series entitled "oldest living thing in the world".

hello, unique idea! it's like the creative version of a professor on research leave. so bohemian chic.

(top photo: Pollution Post Unlimited by Andrew MacRae; bottom photo: a 2000-year-old baobab tree, Rachel Sussman)


Massacremike said...

Sounds like "old" news to me.

wunderbug said...

you so witty. how do you live with yourself, with your level of wit?

Art Kitten said...

That tree is absolutely incredible.


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