new blog friday

so i've noticed a trend in other people's blogs: they seem to enjoy having theme days. maybe it helps them write better on days when they've nothing really burning to get out there and blog about. maybe it just organises their thoughts better. iono.

regardless, i dont think i could pick a theme for a day if i wanted to. some days i'm not quite sure what i'd like to blog about, some days i have multiple ideas so i just paste links into draft postings to come back to later ... (sometimes, as it turns out, they prefer to stay as drafts and never really make their cyber debut). either way, some days, i get smacked with something so spectacular i get really excited about it and just need to really share it with someone. or a bunch of someones.

since i suspect that emailing my incredible new blog finds out to my entire office would be frowned upon, i'll expel my excitement here. today will be New Blog Friday. catch this rare event today, and today alone.

yes, it's the uber-rare going-the-way-of-the-dodo of all theme day blog posts.

i was reading kal barteski's lovelife post today and clicked on her link for a writer named jennifer jeffrey, thinking that if this is someone that kal is calling very, very talented {and being a big fan of kal's work}, then she must be spectacular.

i was blown away. seriously. it's not just spectacular, it's stinkin spectacular. her stuff is witty and well-written, optimistic yet realistic. i'm going to need to take a good chunk o'time to read through old posts, but from the several that i've read thus far, i'm in bloggy heaven.

particularly her post entitled unfold(ing). check it out.

it's like she read my mind. incroyable.

is it possible to put a picture frame around an entire blog?


Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Wow. I'm so humbled by your lovely comments.

Sometimes blogging feels like tossing words into the sky, but then when people say things like this...

*thank you*

wunderbug said...

wow, thanks for checking out my blog jennifer - it was my pleasure reading *yours!*

(seriously, i know i'm borderline gushing but it's warranted)

Julia said...

*goose bumps*

You picked a wonderful, wunderful, blog deary to start your Friday blog diddy with! I went to Jennifers blog and fell in love with her writing. I read the unfolding entry and felt like I had found another kindred spirit. Way to go, Court :)

I too believe you have every right to gush :)


Massacremike said...

My - what a spiffy new banner you have!!! Sooo bright and colourful and such imaginative layout too. Very impressive. Nicely done. Well executed. Keep up the brilliant work ;)


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