list(less) and linky love

since today is ridiculously busy, i'm living off of my lists.

i'm a bit of an obsessive list-maker, and it honestly makes a huge difference in my productivity; particularly because when i get stressed i tend to feel like i'm spinning in circles ...which, needless to say, is very counterproductive.

during a (rare) moment to breathe today, i came across (ta daaa!) more lists. check out one here
(sidenote: i enrolled in her get crafty course and am lovin it so far!) and dare i say - if only my lists looked half as pretty as hers!

something else completely unrelated, but i came across these small-space ideas from julia on red otter and couldn't resist but to include them. they're not lists per se, but they sure are organized. i'd consider them to be a close relative of the sweet lil list.

how do you stay calm when you feel like there's not enough hours in your day?

keep your lists lookin pretty with the above list maker and coupon taker by watermelon wishes


Caroline said...

I'm a list-maker, too. I especially love to make lists that include things I've already done so I can immediately cross them off. I feel so much more productive that way. ;)

I love that little planner, btw!

cindy : quaint said...

i do like lists. sometimes, if i start a new one and i've just finished some things i'll add them so i can check them off. that's sad isn't it ;)?

Katy said...

There are never enough hours in the day, and sometimes I don't stay calm about it, ha. But usually I just do what I can...I just keep on movin' along!

Anne. said...

i love creating to-do lists. and the feeling you get from crossing off the items one by one upon completion is probably one of the best feelings ever.

erin said...

definitely with lists. and they have to be hand-written. using the "strike out" feature on the computer just doesn't cut it...and cindy, i *always* add recently completed tasks to the top of my list...aaaand check! {love it!}

Julia said...

Oh kindred spirit of mine! Lists are my life. I always have this ridiculous sense of satisfaction when I start a list. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if I cross anything off right away. Just to have it there, in front of me, gleaming like a finished product.

I'm a dork!

tanya said...

i swear, lists make the world go round! :-)

MAXimum MESS said...

I live by lists, too! I love this fabric!

Anonymous said...

I'm an obsessive list-maker but I'm trying to wean myself. I feel if I make too many to-do lists, my life won't have any unpredictable moments anymore. And when something happens that messes up my plans, I become stressed.

But when I freak out about there not being enough time, I like to reflect on what I have accomplished during the week.

Btw, a beautiful blog.


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