sunshine + errands

hello sunday!

you are bright + beautiful, which is a fantastic change from the cold + super windy that we've been having around these parts lately.

the plans to visit my dad fell through and so yesterday was spent waking up early and being more or less productive. got some errands done, and in the afternoon, my sister and i rented atonement (because there were no copies of marley and me left at blockbuster and that was what she'd originally intended to see), then i made fajitas for dinner.

i love fajitas. especially when they're paired with coronas with lime - makes for a lil bit of summertime on an otherwise oogly day.

i've received quite a few email responses for tell me a story, which i'm working through responding to today as well. i think that's pretty awesome. if you haven't heard from me yet, don't worry - you will

today: more housework. likely some twittering. even more likely is some exploring on the kindred site + forums, which i came across earlier today and i'm fascinated. i'm gonna download one of their oh-so-pretty desktop images for my laptop - it's time for spring cleaning, after all!


Anonymous said...

I don't think there's a single place in North America yesterday that wssn't windy. Seriously.

picciolo said...

sounds like a good weekend despite not going to plan!
: )

erin said...

i love that fish! he looks so happy and free. happy sunday!

Anonymous said...

So...did you like Atonement? I thought that it was going to be an epic movie like Pearl Harbour, something that is sad but makes you feel good at the end. But Atonement just made me feel...blue and honestly, kinda dirty. I was so dissapointed! There was good parts, but mostly it was a bummer.

Have a great Sunday! It's a cheery one here too (:

Anna said...

What a lovely bright day, thank you for this uplifting post!

tanya said...

Fajitas + Coronas with Lime = Pure Bliss :-)

byrheea said...

Ooooh.. I hope you could get Marley and Me. Touching film. Get ready your pack of tissue paper though.


Tiffany said...

"Oogly day" made me smile. So did the thought of fajitas.


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