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forever ago, erin from reading my tea leaves challenged me to find one image that best defines my style.

eesh! it's taken me a while to look around for images that i felt covered many of my bases, but i've still only been able to narrow it down to three images. sorry kittens - it's the best i could do!

each of these photos incorporates a favourite style of mine into their design:
i love the muted colours and the exotic feel of many of these pieces in the first photo. even though i haven't traveled much at all, i like to incorporate exotic pieces into my decor. it keeps things interesting!

photo numba two: what's
not to love? i know i've posted it like three times and linked back to it a million more, but come on - bright, airy, crisp, clean. and with a kick-ass window. could it get any better?

numba three: now, my dilemma prior to this post was that i was feeling a little bit like goldilocks - every room that i saw was either too bright, or too muted, too busy or too modern. none of them ever seemed to strike a balance that i felt was just me.

this last photo, though, does a great job - i love the fact that it's eclectic and eco-friendly - a lot of it's salvaged and repurposed furniture that can be dressed up or dressed down while still being laid back. i love natural wood and exposed brick, and bright sunlit rooms are always huge with me. if there was anything i'd change about this room, i'd switch up the glass side table and add in some more pops of bright colour, but other than that, it's pretty freakin great.

now, if these three rooms got together and had a love child, i'd be sitting pretty.

now - i'd like to pass on this challenge to someone else, but was having a ton of trouble choosing just a few people to tag. so - i'll tag all of you! if you're up to this challenge, post it up on your blog and send me a link to the post so i can check it out.

just a lil reminder - only one day left in my giveaway, so be sure to check it out!

top and bottom image via canadian house and home, middle by david allee via design*sponge


Katy said...

Oh, that first room is wonderful! I love the muted exotic look of it all.

emmarie Designs said...

O what great finds!! Thanks for sharing!!

Tiffany said...

I like your style!

katy said...

oh, wow! these are amazing. i love the hanging thing in the first room.

Julia said...

These are perfect for you, Court! I can definitely see you in each of those spaces!

Tea said...

That first room is going straight into my dream house (that exists only in my mind) GORGEOUS! I like your style.

Little Lovables said...

Oh, I love these!!

picciolo said...

I can see why you found it hard to pick, all three are gorgeous!
: )

erin said...

yay! great choices...i'm glad you chose all three!

byrheea said...

I love the first room, so beautiful!


please sir said...

Same here - interior delight!


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