oh, how i heart

so, yesterday was a designerly day - it only seems fit that today's a day to let out the inner fashionista.

i like to think that if i were to choose an outfit that i felt most represents me and my style, this would be one would be very close. i love comfortable, classic clothes mixed with bright colours and different textures. one of my fa-fa-favourite things is this wooden clutch by stella mccartney. fantastique! the combination of neutral colours, white, with bursts of bright is reminiscent of the boardwalk on a gorgeously sunny summer day.

because it's a comfortable yet not sloppy it'd also be the perfect outfit for going garage-saleing; which, by the way, i'm not able to do yet because it's supposed to be chilly and wet all weekend. (boo!) i'm sure i can find some other things to fill my time. like painting and organizing closets, and making a custom set of pretty clips for the winner of my giveaway! (did you enter it yet? the deadline's tonight!)

what are you doing this weekend?


paula said...

I could so wear this outfit today and be so happy. love it!

IssueGirl said...

I love this outfit. I can just picture you strolling around Cape Cod in the summer time :)

Winklepots said...

I'm going yard saling tomorrow! Love doing that. Every year a local town has a city-wide yard sale so you just park and walk to each house. Supa fun! :o)

Super cute clutch too!

Rachel said...

Perfect outfit!

I'll be sleeping all weekend, hopefully. Maybe I'll squeeze in a bit of sewing as well. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

I'm gardening today, and suntanning, it's hot as heck here! I went to the greenhouse and bought some tomatoe plants...but I still have to keep those indoors until after May Long. It's just too risky out side still.

Then tomorrow we're going quadding for the day with some friends. Hopefully we'll catch some rays again!

Blair said...

Oh I adore that hat and the bangles are perfect! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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