hullo, hullo!

goodness, i went MIA for a few days!

as i've been mentioning a few times earlier last week, work has been slowly-but-surely ramping up to super-busy and no matter how i tried, i just couldn't grab myself a spare moment to post.

which is ok. because i've had a great long weekend of relaxing and refreshing and road-tripping to target (and some outlet shopping) in buffalo with both sisters, jose, and my mom. it proved to be a highly successful mission, resulting in three new pairs of summer shoes and a sweet coral purse for me, as well as some new clothing for everyone else. on the way back into canada, we stopped in for a visit and pizza with jason, margaret and hannah (who has just lost both of her front teeth!)

yesterday was finally spent getting some work done around the house - i started prepping and painting jess' closet in a sweet sweet shade of pink called lovable. it's gonna look fantastic with her new floor and wall colour, and once we get some fresh white shelves in there it's gonna be great. before and after pics will ensure, i promise!

speaking of pics, i've managed to misplace my camera. (crap!) which is a real kicker because i've been wanting to get some new drawings done. i'd found a few new lil houses that i wanted to paint but my reference photos were still saved on the memory card, so i'll have to find something else to draw. after that, mike and i are going out for an early dinner at our favourite restaurant in unionville, which i believe is slowly becoming a victoria day tradition.

how was your weekend?


Blair said...

It was wonderful--lots of outdoor activities and basking in the sun. Sounds like yours was lovely as well--sorry to hear about your camera!

audrey said...

can't wait to see your new painting of houses. I am into painting houses at the moment. good luck finding your camera.

How is the shredding coming along. I ordered the dvd but it hasn't arrived yet.

Have a good week.

Waterstone Jewelry said...

Your blog is adorable. And, hey, who doesn't love a trip to Target?

cindy : quaint said...

sounds like it's time for gps systems in cameras. i'm looking forward to your new lil houses,

Carlene said...

Just randomly found your blog!! :) Love! Your work is amazing!


StunningAnnaK said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! I did too! Relaxing weekends are just too hard to come by!

Julia said...

What a successful weekend :) I love that there's a pink called "lovable" out there :)


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