early bird

i'm in a really good mood today. i went to the mall last night and found a super cute maxi dress at h&m (arianne handed it to me as a joke cause she thinks they're ugly, but i tried it on anyhow and to her surprise - and mine - it was really cute!), and i also found a sweet lil polka-dot dress that i'm going to have to pick up too. i'm big into the polka dots lately.

i got up super early this morning and did a lil bit of shredding, except i had to stop when we got to the cardio because my brother's friend (who lives in the basement) likely wouldn't appreciate being woken up at 5:30 am to me doing jumping jacks over his bedroom. i still had 15 minutes left before i had to get ready for work, so i went for a (very quick) impromptu run. awesome. so far, so good. it was fantastic weather - i'm really enjoying having the sun up at 6am nowadays.

it's set the tone for my day, and i plan on continuing it throughout the weekend. not quite sure what i'm doing yet, but i'm sure it'll involve some garage sale-ing, some celebrating my mom, meeting up with aunts and cousins for some girlie time, some seeing star trek with mike, some running, and some spending some time outside. awesome.

what about you?


Amanda Nicole said...

Wow, you're so good about the exercising!

Anna said...

We were hoping to get some fishing in this weekend, but we'll see if the weather holds up.

That star trek movie looks great! You'll have to spoil everyone after you see it. :)

Anonymous said...

I think maxi dresses are gorgeous! Sounds like you have a fun weekend lined up, I'll be doing some farmer's market shopping and having a (hopefully) summery cookout :)

Katy said...

Hrm. Being short and curvy, I'm not sold on maxi dresses...even though I love the idea of them, I'm not sure they'd work on me. Perhaps all I need is to try one on, however!

cindy : quaint said...

you have so much energy, can you spare some for me? this weekend we have a reverse charlie's angels thing going on. i'm charlie with scott, his dad and my brother ;). have a great weekend!

Winklepots said...

Hopefully heading to the gym to get in a workout as well. My momma belly won't lose itself. :oP
You should post pics of your new dress! I wanna see. :o)

Julia said...

I'm sure the maxi dress is hot, hot, hot :) And so impressed with all the cardio you've been doing! So productive!


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