and the winner is...

good morning, good morning, good morning!

this particular monday is shaping up to be a pretty sweet one. not for any particular reason, either; just bright and sunny with that just-right morning temperature; the leaves are starting to pop out in their bright bursts of green, the robins are hopping all over the place, and the coffee i got was darn-near perfection (even though it wasn't my regular hazelnut cream - they were all out so i got french vanilla instead. am considering a switch.)

i'd like to announce the winners from my spring giveaway - the random number generator chose comment numba ten, which was the lovely marta. but of course, all of your tips were absolutely awesome so i decided i want to give away two more sets of clips, the winners of which were polly jones and rachel. sweet! ladies, i'll be emailing you shortly to get your colour choices.

this weekend: i spent saturday working, doing some training for a kick-ass team of students that help run an equally kick-ass program at the university. on sunday, mike and i went on a mini driving adventure and found a local organic farm that makes me very, very happy. they looked like they were in the middle of building a roadside shop to sell their stuff, which makes me even happier. i spent the rest of the day learning some sweet new photoshop tricks (that i'm sure are passé to all you graphic designers out there), but got sidetracked and never got around to putting up a sunday post. oops.

(oh well, at least i have the above two crinkly-paper images to show off the winners' original comments, right?) and can i get a woot for the pen tool and new brushes!?

today i'm gonna give my to-do list a swift kick in the rear (and then likely start a new one, which honest-to-goodness is cool with me).

huzzah! how was your weekend?


marta said...

hip hip hip. i love that i just won something. thank you. can't wait. have a fabulous monday. i know i will after reading this good news.

Rachel said...

Woo hoo! I just won something! I'm so excited.

And I was very impressed with your crinkled paper effect, by the way. So professional.

audrey h. said...

I love the crinkled paper effect. I am an amateur photoshopper, so I love seeing different things that people can do.

I am not one of the winners but just wanted to say love the blog. have a great week.

Julia said...

You are by far one of the coolest people I know, my dear! Sounds like you had a great weekend :) And I hope the list gets a face-lift that includes some chillin' and chocolate eating!

Anonymous said...

"(oh well, at least i have the above two crinkly-paper images to show off the winners' original comments, right?) and can i get a woot for the pen tool and new brushes!?"

Haha!! LOVE it! Great job! It looks great, and very creative!! :)

Rachel Follett said...

I love how you announced the winners! So happy to hear about your lovely spring morning!

Polly Jones said...

Yay!!! Thanks so much for your generosity in extending your giveaway to me. Your blog is wonderful by the way, so glad to have found it.

Tiffany said...

I love the crinkly paper look! How about a tutorial?

Georgia B. said...

oh, my goodness! such a creative way to show off the comments for the give-away. very clever!

your blog is great! i found it through Julia's. :)



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