stuff and more stuff

alright, tuesday. you listen and listen good. monday was a super productive day, and you're gonna follow suit whether you like it or not.

yesterday i went for another "run" - except this time i'm a lil more confident saying it was a run because i actually ran. yeah. woot! and it felt good. my legs are a lil achy, but in the good-girl-you've-been-productive way. gonna do it again tonight.

(yeah, i knew this stuff would quickly get addictive!)

i didn't get around to picking up the shredding DVD because my cousin paige and her son liam were coming over for dinner, so i scrapped my original plans and went to the grocery store instead to pick up some chicken and veggies to barbecue. (i love barbecued veggies. barbecued anything, really. i'd barbecue all year round if it wasn't frigid for 7 months of the year.) we got some catch-up time, which was awesome cause you can never really get too much of it.

i've been trying to be more aware of how much i consume, so last night i found some time to try on all of my pairs of work pants to see which ones still fit, which ones need a visit to the tailor and which ones i can give to goodwill. i've been fighting the urge to buy yet another pair of work pants to add to the already good-sized section of variations of black, grey, brown and khaki in my closet, and figured that doing this would help suppress that urge. i kept most of them since i plan on fitting into them within the next two months, but i brought a few pairs with me to drop off at the tailors this evening. with a lil TLC, they'll be as good as new (and i won't have to spend as much money for new pants plus i'll be saving myself some closet space!)

speaking of consciously attempting to not spend money, i was sent the link for the story of stuff the other day by one of my colleagues and think it's absolutely fantastic. you need to check it out - it's very informative and very well done.

today: after work, i'm gonna catch up on my blog reading, which i've been sorely behind on this week. i'm gonna pick up my new glasses and sunglasses (woo! new frames!) and i'm gonna run again. round it all out with a trip to the post office to mail out clip sets to the giveaway winners and we'll be all set.

shyeah. it's gonna be awesome.


Julia said...

Whoo! I feel productive just reading your post!

Tea said...

I agree with Julia! Good for you :)

Rachel said...

I was inspired by you yesterday and ordered the Shred DVD. And then I got home and found it On Demand from my cable company so I jumped right in and tried it. It kicked my butt! I am so, so sore today, but also in a good way.
Thanks for getting me off the couch!

Cherry Tart Design said...

This is the second blog I've read that talked about grilled veggies. I LOVE grilled veggies!

wide open spaces said...

what a fantastic post - thanks for the "stuff" link. great, great food for thought.

paula said...

that video really was interesting. I had no idea. I may need to watch it again when I am feeling weak.


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