get ready, get set...

hello world!

this weekend was pretty good - lost a bit of momentum with the to-do list but we did get to check out the new star trek movie which was actually really good. i'm not much of a star trek fan to begin with, but i really enjoyed it.

i got tagged by julia on friday and so without further adieu...

1. My current obsession
: in case you haven't noticed, current obsessions include painting, maxi dresses, and all things yellow. specifically, yellow shoes. (i'm still hunting for a pair!)

2. One item from my wardrobe I wear most often: my wide leg jeans from RW & Co. they're the most comfy jeans i've ever worn in my life. ever. (and they never lose their shape, unlike their counterparts from american eagle!)

3. The last thing I bought: does my morning coffee count? if not, then it'd have to be a bunch of sweet lil tops for my sister jess from h&m. arianne and i were commissioned yesterday as her personal shopper and it was a-ok with us.

4. I’m listening to: mayonaise by the smashing pumpkins - i came across it while listening to accuradio.com's alternative 90's subchannel. they always play the music that i love but have forgotten about over the years. (and no, i'm not their spokesperson or anything - i genuinely love that site. it's the only online radio i listen to.)

5. Any Pets? Why or why not? there's always my brother, but the jury's still out as to whether or not he's housebroken. (i kid! i kid! i love that guy.) most of my fam is allergic to a ton of animals. as for the few species that we're not allergic to, we've already had as pets and they've either flown away (our blue budgie) or they've eaten each other (uh, yeah. mice apparently do that). that's another story for another time.

6. My favorite holiday spot: last summer's trip to mont tremblant was pretty fantastic, but so was our quick weekend away to port elgin and southampton. it's pretty much a toss-up, but the latter was cheaper and closer and that probably makes it the winner.

7. 4 words to describe me: quirky, optimistic, caring and gut-bustingly hilarious. (ha!)

8. Guilty Pleasure: playing the sims 2. i freakin love that game and could (and have) played it for 8 full hours. my siblings and i actually all play it and then discuss the characters and families like they're normal people that we know. over dinner.

9. The best thing I’ve had to eat or drink lately: i haven't had it lately, but hands down my favourite meal is oven-baked garlic cheese shrimp and nachos with salsa, steak fajitas and a light beer with a lime wedge from the lone star texas grill.

10. Favorite film: sliding doors and in her shoes

11. Favorite song: super hard to answer, so i'm going to give you four that i can listen to on repeat for days on end. my ipod's dead this morning so i'm going to guess from off the top of my head. in no particular order:
  • motorcycle drive-by by third eye blind (from their debut album - it's actually really awesome despite their supposed one-hit-wonder status)
  • hide and seek by imogen heap (dear, dear god. she's so awesome.)
  • the artist in the ambulance by thrice.
  • 9 crimes by damien rice
12. Favorite Flower: i'm an equal-opportunity kind of girl, so it really depends on the time of year. i'll say either hyacinth or daffodils for now, though.

13. Who makes me laugh: any of my siblings, cause they're off-the wall like me.

15. First sign of spring: jewels, you said the smell was worms... i always thought it was an earthy soil smell!

new peeps to tag: quaint handmade, heart of light, and summer harms

happy monday!


Amanda Nicole said...

Ooo, good call on the Smashing Pumpkins album. And oldie and a goodie!

Tea said...

mmm the thought of oven baked garlic cheese shrimp is making me hungry!

Rachel said...

I still love that album! Thanks for the tag. I'll get to it soon!

cindy : quaint said...

oh dear, i love your list. may i copy it ;)? thanks for the tag ... i'll get busy on our list.

Art Kitten said...

Thank you for the link to alternative '90's music, the music of my youth!! The first song that came up was Pepper by the Butthole Surfers, it doesn't get any better!

Loved reading this post about you!

StunningAnnaK said...

I just love things like this! Good Luck on your search for the perfect yellow shoes!

tanya said...

what a great post! I love In Her Shoes :-)


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