assume hope

i love this poem. i came across it yesterday while looking through my older posts, and since it's one of my absolute favourite poems ever, i wanted to share it again with my newer readers.

for those of you who've seen it already - it's worth the re-read!

yes, a dandelion
because they are the flower
of wishes. you blow that ball
of seeds and the wind carries them to the one
assigned to grant or reject
and it's a good thing
that it's the dandelions
who have this power
because they are tough
and sometimes you have to be tough
to even remember
that you have any desires left at all,
to believe that only one
could be satisfied, would not turn
to an example of
"be careful what you wish for,
it might come true"
maybe that's exactly why
there are so many of them --
the universe gives us extra chances
to keep dreaming
each one an uprising,
a burst of colour
in the cracks of our hearts
at an unexpected time,
in an unexpected place.

by Ellie Schoenfeld; exerpted from Getting to Maybe : How the World is Changed by Frances Westley,
Brenda Zimmerman and Michael Quinn Patton

image via urban design


Art Kitten said...

Oh this is beautiful, and an ode to the dandelion, the most under appreciated flower is so refreshing.

Julia said...

Where did you find this, sweetie? It's so hopeful and lovely :)

By the way, you've gotten HEAPS of compliments on your clips :) I've brought them to work, they are fabulous!

wunderbug said...

I found it in a book entitled "Getting to Maybe".. I'd actually originally picked it up because the cover design was awesome (see http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Getting-Maybe-How-World-Changed-Frances-Westley/9780679314431-item.html?ref=Search+Books%3a+%2527getting+to+maybe%2527 to see why) and it ended up having a whole bunch of quotes and poems that i love in it as well (which just sealed the deal). i'll post more from it soon!

(and i'm totally glad people like my clips! :)

BlenderBach said...

oh great poem!

SecretMe said...

lovely, thankyou for sharing ♥

Julia said...

It's good to read this again :)

cabin + cub said...

beautiful poem and photo ;)

ps. I have nominated your blog for a Blog Friend Award! ;)

Here are the details:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem! I love the photo too, it's so beautiful!


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