linky love + weekend!

goodness! i'm so incredibly glad it's friday. i need to find myself a place like this to curl up and unwind. possibly with a good book (from my booklist!) and a good glass of wine.

(canadian bookworms, if you haven't heard, stores affiliated with chapters/indigo are having double discount day for irewards members. 20% off cover price of everything? i haven't had discounts like that since i worked there! sweeeeeet.)

late post today; it's been a busy week of wrap-ups and new beginnings. my internet connection at home got fixed (turns out you need to re-set routers once in a while to keep them from getting out of line!) but then the power flickered and my wireless connection was MIA once again. so much for getting work done at home!

however, in the brief window of time that i had to kick back and read some blogs, i managed to get quite a bit of catch up and commenting done (i do try to comment on a regular basis but sadly, i become a lurker when i'm tight for time!) and let me tell you - it's like visiting friends that i haven't seen in a while.

i've included a few links that i love below - check em out cause they rock!
oh weekend, i'm so glad you're here.

image via taylor, via black eiffel


erin said...

oh, glad to check out these links! thanks for including me too! now i really have to stick to my plan!

our little love nest said...

I so miss Chapters now. I loved going there when I lived in Vancouver. I will have to look into those links. thanks.:)

cindy : quaint said...

oh boy, thank you for including my sleepy self! i love many on your list, too and will check out the others. i already love the playlist. rest up and gave a good weekend!

tanya said...

can't wait to check out these links . . . hope you're enjoying that glass of wine and a book! Sounds like a great plan :-)

Tiffany said...

I love your links--always something fun and new to discover! Thanks!

Julia said...

You are the sweetest! I love these link love posts, because I always find new favorites :)



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