holy moly

hello wednesday - could it be true? is that really you?

(how on earth did it get to be wednesday so soon?!)

things continue to be nonstop here. am gonna get a more quality blog post up tonight.

in the meanwhile, a few things i've been up to:
  • arianne dyed my hair last night but it doesn't quite show as much as i'd hoped. will re-attempt again soon.
  • am looking at the ikea + martha websites for small-space shelving ideas for jess' closet. it's ridiculously tiny but i want to maximize the space without it looking jam-packed. do any of you oh-so-creative souls have any recommendations of where to look for affordable storage + shelving ideas for a teensy closet? (recommendations are appreciated!)
  • didn't get a chance to get any drawing done the other night because my internet connection was still down. am going to have to look into that asap.
  • i haven't had a chance to shred nor get out for a run since last friday. eesh. note to self: get on that. as in, tonight.
  • another thing on my to-do list is catch up on blog reading. i find that when things get busy, i fall so far behind and then feel out of the loop with all of my daily reads. i miss you guys!
what's going on in your world today?


Julia said...

I know, it seems incredible that it's Wednesday already. I have heaps of things on my to do list today:
1. books
2. walk
3. pack
4. research

Okay, it's not nearly as exciting written out like that, your list is much, much better :)


audrey said...

Just got the 30 day Shred in the mail yesterday. I intend to start today. How has it been for you. I'm nervouse, I hope I can commit to it.

Have a great week.

cindy : quaint said...

we miss you, but post when you are ready. we'll be here.


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