tues + day

goodness. hello tuesday!

monday was such a higglety-pigglety day, i barely know where to start. oh wait - i do. it was a freezing cold wind and rainy day where i decided (once again) to ignore the weather dude and wear ballet flats with bare feet? sorry, weather dude. one of these days, i'll trust your forecasts are accurate. until then, chilly toes.

once i got to work, i had more MS Access training. (ha! just when you thought it was over. it's like a never-ending nightmare that keeps coming back when you think you've won.)

ok. so it's not really that bad. after wednesday, it'll be the last of the last of these trainings, unless they come up with an advanced advanced course or some other sort of ridiculousness to suck me back in. but after this, i'll know how to chart me some riveting relationships tables and queries. (i know, i know. i lead a charmed life. please try not to be jealous.)

once the training was over and done with, i tried to get through a pile of stuff on my desk - mostly budgetary and meeting-making stuff. again, charmed life. i have this huge pet peeve of messy desks, and yet somehow mine's been a minefield for the past week. how'd that happen? it's on my to-do-list for today, for sure. (along with check the weather and be sure to wear appropriate foot gear for warmth and comfort.)

the afternoon flew by, which was pretty sweet; minestrone with turkey sammiches for dinner, then an evening of attempted productivity which somehow got sidetracked by dancing with the stars. i've never even watched that show in my life - until somehow mike came across it and started watching it, at which point i got sucked in and was awed by the sheer number of sequins in the episode. (but seriously though, it was really good.)

after all of that was over, i headed home to my nice warm bed. in the wake of today, i'm feeling really antsy and want to rip through that to-do list like nobody's business. heck - i might even be adventurous and add a few new things.

... like catching up on a few of the things that i've let fall by the wayside.

it's a new day. i'm on my way. bibbity-bobbity boo!


erin said...

here's hoping my day is half as productive as it sounds like yours will be! good luck!

tanya said...

happy tuesday! It was rainy here as well yesterday but today is a brand new day and the sun is out. Yay !!!

paula said...

Hope you get your list done. It always feels so good to cross things off. Oh wait, maybe that's just me and my oddness:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like yesterday was one intense day! Dont' worry, I'm the same way, sitting at the office, entering time and data...trying to have an ounce of Fairytale in my computer filled day.

Um...did you say that MIKE started watching Dancing With The Stars? Holy moley! Hubby won't even watch The Mentalist with me, let alone a dancing show! You've got a winner!!

Anna said...

LOL @ higglety-pigglety day.

Yes ma'am!

Audrey said...

I have a to-do list today too. Almost done, just folded a wack of laundry. Not much left on the list thank goodness. some days it would be nice if the to-do list was blank.

Rachel said...

Last week it was freezing here, the last two days is has been SO HOT that I just lie around on the couch and eat popsicles and whine incessantly. I can't believe you're stuck in freezing rain. I think our weather is all off.

Blair said...

Oh, I love your stream of consciousness! Just got sucked into dancing with the stars for the first time recently too:)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that today is going well! :) Yes, I've been guilty of wearing ballet flats in rain... it sucks huh?! Did you get your pant heels wet?? I hate that! :)

Julia said...

Whoosh, what a great way to start the day!


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