in like a lion

good morning - and welcome to my new followers!

i'm enjoying some of the best coffee ever.


it's hazelnut and simple, but i've managed the perfect milk-to-sugar-to-coffee ratio that's making my monday absolutely sing.

can i take it as a sign of a good week?

i realized today that i've got a few things coming up ... which has effectively shortened my work week by 3 half-days. sweet. not complaining. this afternoon, i've got a dentist and optometrist appointment, and then later this week i'm taking a database-building training course so that i can better manage registrations for the program that i'm running.

it's gonna be huge, cause it's gotta manage registrations for over 1000 students and 120 separate workshops. i tried learning the program myself but given the nature of databases, i figured i should learn something about structure from the pro's before i mucked it all up and had to start again anyways. either way, i can't wait to get in there with my post-it notes all over my cubicle wall to help arrange how i want each table to relate. it somehow ties in very closely to that organization obsession, in a (severely more) dorky way. i can't explain it. something about organizing the structure of this monster excites me to no end.)

what can i say? i like a challenge.

other things on this week? i'm on a continuous mission to improve my listing images in my shop, and this weekend the subject of my scrutiny has been my paintings. i've gotten the hang of photos for jewelry and the like, so i took advantage of a bright sunny day and got some shots of tiny tom, sweet pea, and little cornell framed on the mantlepiece, but still feel like something's missing. am gonna re-take a few of them with a few other things around them and in warmer lighting to help it look more staged and pretty. updates to come.

mike and i are booked for an advance screening double-date nerdfest tomorrow night for the upcoming watchmen movie with one of our friends from work and his girlfriend. let's see how much this comic book ignoramus enjoys a movie she knows absolutely no backstory for. (i find that most of the time with these movies, i'm the one who finds them to be pretty ok and it's mike who's ripping on them)

also - week two of marta's write club!

what's on your to-do
list this week?

images, clockwise from left: bed by aitodesign,
monocle pendant necklace by curious oddities, today is the day block print
by red letter words, vintage watch by big daddy 0


Massacremike said...

Hee, hrrgg, snort, NERDFEST 2009!

Hee hee.

Umm, yeah, I do tend to rip on comic book movies because I read the comics and the original source material so often tends to be far superior.

Anonymous said...

The coffee sounds amazing...hope you had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you're keeping busy! Good luck with the database class - not my cup of tea, but if you can make sense of it, more power to you!

Rachel said...

Wow. Busy.

I love learning organizing systems too. There's something thrilling about managing huge amounts of information and/or people. And I'm officially outing myself as a giant dork.

Kasey said...

sounds lovely!!

Taylor said...

Thanks, Courtney, I will definitely try out Marta's writing posts. Having writer's block really sucks.

Oh, and did I mention, I think your blog is so visually inspiring. Coming here is like a feast for my eyes. :)

(That sounded a little weird, no?)

Take Care!

Michelle said...

Cute blog! And I must say, the coffee to sugar to cream ratio is SO important. Hope you don't mind, I'm going to mention your blog on mine.


Julia said...

NERDFEST! I wanna come! :)

Amanda said...

Milk to sugar to coffee ratios are so surprising when they turn out perfectly. Mine did on Saturday and I nearly jumped out of my chair and sang.


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