it's almost sprung

yesterday evening as i was getting into my car, there was that faint moist smell of last year's leaves and wet earth - the first hints that spring is finally starting to make it's way north of the 49th parallel.

soon the crocuses will be pushing through the soil.

here's to a warm almost-spring weekend.

what are your plans?


katelynjane said...

It's a nice spring day here too...until you look and see there's still a foot or more of snow. But at least it's warm and the sun is shining! My plans for the weekend are to sew, paint more mugs to put into my Etsy shop (http://www.katelynjane.etsy.com) and finish putting my room back together after renovating it. And to sleep! (:

Massacremike said...

I'll be working this Saturday :(
On top of that... I don't feel so well :(

thecraftbegins said...

Flea market baby. Swing is in full spring. Love the picture.

Yolanda G said...

I too am getting ready for spring in my garden. Cleaning out the old and seeing my bulbs starting to come up.. It's amazing how the earth is ever changing and so are we inside and out!

picciolo said...

what a great image, hope you are having a good weekend
: )

Massacremike said...

I'm at home sick and I don't have a new Wunderbug post to read. :(

I want my Wunderbug!

I DEMAND my Wunderbug!!!!!


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