the great 2009 soda bread saga, continued

ok everyone, soda bread pics on thursday. i promise, so long as you promise not to judge the poor quality pics. and - if you're lucky - i'll post up the recipe along with it.

the top-secret,
my-mom-would-kill-me-if-she-read-my-blog-to-know-i-posted-it recipe.

ok, kidding. she's not
that hardcore. so stay tuned on thursday if you enjoy soda bread, or are not president of the raisin fan club and so would like to be able to enjoy soda bread without fear or apprehension of a chance encounter with one of the sweet lil flavour nuggets, or are just plain interested to see what delicacies the irish are able to whip up.

(ha. boiled potatoes and cabbage, anyone?)

moving right along - some ridiculously awesome things that i didnt know about, but have recently been made aware of:
  1. google has a blog search function? am i coming late to the game or what? this is the best thing since sliced (soda) bread. since i leave a trail of comments in my wake, a lot of the search hits that i'm getting are comments that i've posted on other people's blogs, but a few of them bring me to blogs that have me linked on their blogroll (and i was completely unaware of being linked, which is always a really sweet surprise - hello all of you's!), or blogs that mention wunderbug in their posts. (hello you's too!) noice.

  2. i was mentioned in a storque article! whaat?! (see - the results of the blog search tool in action. suh-weet!) i remember way back when, i was contacted by yogagoat to contribute to the article, but after i'd emailed her my stuff i didn't hear anything back about the submission so i figured it'd been nixed at some point along the way. which was ok with me - i know that life happens .. and sometimes a story just doesn't run. anyhow - turns out it indeed ran, and my lil story about transitioning from a buyer to a seller was featured at the end of the article (in about the last three paragraphs or so).

  3. this etsy illustrator. guh. i've posted a beautiful sample of his work above, but it just doesn't do it justice. i'd definitely recommend that you check out the rest of his shop. (run, don't walk!) i have a thing for childrens illustrations, and plan to feature a few of these ever-talented individuals in upcoming artist features in the next few weeks. shyeah!

  4. sarah bettens, former lead singer of k's choice and one of my most favourite artists ever, has a new album out! i absolutely love her voice - it's raw and clear and fantastic and her lyrics make me happy and melancholy at the same time. check out her cover of bonnie raitt's 'i cant make you love me', or her own original songs 'i'm okay', 'come over here' or my absolute favourite happy song by her, 'go'. (i linked the acoustic version here because all of the other uploaded ones on youtube had horrible distortion, but you've gotta check out a studio version of it. it's great for a bad day pick-me-up.) or if you're in the mood, check out k's choice single from '96, 'not an addict'.
what fun things have you found today?

image above by Matthias A


Massacremike said...


Massacremike said...

I'll give Court a hand. I've posted a pic of her delicious soda bread over at The Mental Kavity: http://thementalkavity.blogspot.com/

paula said...

I can't wait to see it. It sounds quite delicious.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read your recipe, and what a beautiful illustration! I too swoon over pieces like this! Thank you for sharing! :)

And congrats for being mentioned in the storque!! What an honor!

tanya said...

Oohh can't wait for your recipe (we won't tell anyone) :-)

please sir said...

Thanks for the links and still tempting me with soda bread!

Tiffany said...

Looking forward to another great recipe. Congrats on your article! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of information in one post! Let me tell you, I do like raisins, but not especially when they are called lil' flavor nuggets. I think I'll pass.

Eagerly anticipating soda bread post.

cindy : quaint said...

the new things i discovered today are included in nos. 1 through 4 ;)! thanks!

erin said...

can't wait to see your bread!!

Stacey said...

I just made some on Tuesday, too, looking forward to seeing yours. :)

byrheea said...

Omg, I LOVE the drawing!!! Great taste. Thanks for sharing!



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