happy square root day.

it's square root day. 03/03/09. what's the square root of 9? 3.

3x3? 9. the date. get it? ha.

i heard it on two separate radio stations on my way into work today and thought it was hilariously nerdy so i thought i'd blog it, especially given yesterday's uber-dorkfest post about database structure and tonight's movie selection, courtesy of mike.

did i mention that i also love spreadsheets? let's make it an overall theme for the week.

(the funny thing is, i'm not even close to a numbers person. i failed grade 11 math, and never took it again. trigonometry and i are mortal enemies. we pass each other on the street and a tumbleweed rolls by and you hear the 'dOOoo-WOO' tune, like in westerns at high noon. true story.)

yesterday was a pretty sweet day. my dentist appointment went well - i have a few follow-ups to take care of next week, and my eye doctor gave me the green light for laser eye surgery (now all i need to do is stumble across six grand to pay for it, and i'm good to go).

on top of that, it was gorgeously sunny (although - surprise! - still frigid) and i love being off work and out in my car on days like that. even when they're hella cold. however, the eye drops that the optometrist put in my eyes dilated my pupils to the point where i looked absolutely insane and was super-sensitive to light made it somewhat difficult to drive home while the sun was going down. gorgeous drive, but squinty. i probably looked a little bit like a mole behind the steering wheel. a mole with big sunglasses on.

i also got a chance last night to measure the old fabric for my new chair.

the magic number appears to be 4 feet. how did i figure this out? i laid the old fabric (which i saved after stripping it all off the chair; i'm going to use it later to make the pattern for the new upholstery) out on the floor and measured a square around it. i left myself enough room for a few extra inches between each piece (to make the upholstery version of a hem), and then am going to get maybe 1.5 or 2x the amount of fabric that i really need to allow for some mistakes. i'm going to post a full how-to once i get it done, provided it gets done properly. if i have leftover material, i can always make pillows. sweet.

now i just need to find some fabrics that i like. does anyone have any recommendations for affordable, pretty fabric?

today: full day at work. it's gonna be a productive one, i can feel it. tonight: the watchmen sneak preview double-date.


Massacremike said...



Julia said...

I can't wait to see what you end up doing with your chair. I'm going to use you as an inspiration this summer. I desperately need to redo one, no two, of the chairs in my little apartment!

picciolo said...

your chair sounds like a great project, have fun choosing the fabric!
: )

please sir said...

I didn't even know it was square root day - how fun! I secretly love spreadsheet too...just here and there...not something to do everyday.

Rachel said...

I can't remember if you have an Ikea near you, but some of them have fabric sections and it is fabulous. They are usually linen/cotton blends in great modern prints that are heavy enough for upholstery and they are cheap.


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