zoom zoom

busy day planned for today (meetings, meetings, and more meetings about an upcoming conference i'm planning) but first things first.

hands up: who's got a mild to severe
shoe obsession? who likes free art? who would like a combination of the two?

if your hand is waving manically in the air (oo! ooo! ooooo!), then you might want to check out mike's first-ever giveaway. swing by his blog and leave a comment to get entered to win!

also: you may notice that i've updated my left-hand sidebar. (you may also be thinking that it's about freakin time.) there's tons of new links to blogs and other awesome sites that i've been following for the past little while, but have never had a chance to share with you guys. sticking with my organization fetish, i've rearranged them into new categories to explore as well - i like to think that they're pretty self explanatory.

hey - if they're not, click on one of the links in that category and
think of it as an adventure.

things that i'm loving today:
and that's it from me today, folks.

courtney OUT!


Massacremike said...

Whoa - thanks for the sweet promo!

Tiffany said...

Oh how I love sites that find all the cool stuff and then show it to me! (I'm talking about yours here.)


Jacaranda Designs said...

I really like the pink organizer.

Dallas Shaw said...

just been browsing through your blog, like the photos, saying hello!


Rachel said...

Ooooh, vector graphics! Heart.

blazedanielle said...

Yay for new links and things you are loving today! I'm off to look at the kick-ass chair!! :D

thecraftbegins said...

OK, right on, thanks for the link loving. ;) some comin back at cha.

PS - have I told you how much I love your writing? Small stylistic changes give it such..emphasis

Rachel Mallon said...

I'm going to have to check this out. Thanks for linking to me! I am going to add yours right now!


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