if that's a kick-off, it's a pretty small one

h'ok. so maybe it wasn't the best canada blooms that i've ever been to. it seemed a bit smaller; fewer displays, less to see. there was still the same number of product vendors, but in previous years there had been more impressive landscaping displays. this year, not so much. there was probably no more than six, and all but two (as far as i can remember) didn't include any water or ponds or anything of the sort.

which is a shame, because i really like water and ponds.

i could theorize that it's been affected by companies and the 'global economic crisis', but i'm sick of hearing about it in the news so i'll just let it rest at the fact that it was a smallish show.

either way, it was a really great way to spend this afternoon with my mom and sister (who is pictured in one of the middle photos - she kept jumping into the pics despite my warnings that they were gonna get posted for the world to see!)

on top of that, i bought a jar of some mind-blowing strawberry pomegranate salad dressing, some chocolate-toffee wafer ... things (i dont know what they were called, but they rocked my world), and some raspberry grilling glaze (which, when i sampled it, practically knocked me over saying that it'd be fantastic on either barbecued ribs or steak. MM. can't wait!)

how was your weekend?


ThreadBeaur said...

I bet that raspberry grilling glaze is going to be great! I can't wait until it is warm enough to sit outside and grill again.

tanya said...

Sounds like a great afternoon :-) That Strawberry Pomegranate Salad dressing looks delicious...yummy. I'm all over anything sweet!

Blair said...

Oh, so fun! It looks like a fabulous (regardless of size) from the pictures!

Audrey said...

Love going to garden shows! That strawberry dressing sounds really yummy!

erin said...

yes! yay for green!

Rachel Mallon said...

Oh how fun! You will have to let us know how that dressing turns out!

cindy : quaint said...

i'm tired of the word crisis, too. let's move on already to a lovely garden show like you've been to. the chocolate toffee sounds delicious.


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