éirinn go brách, et cetera

so, i don't have any irish paraphenelia for you on st. patty's day. i'm not gonna lie, i feel like i should've. especially since people at work have been asking me what time i'm leaving work to celebrate my heritage (very funny. also unique).

nope - not even a
limerick or a shillelagh stick. i can do without the irish tchochke.

i did, however, make some
irish soda bread to bring in to work today and share with some of my coworkers, with jam and tea. no photos for my blog, though, to document the start of my 10pm baking session, or anything whatsoever to show the finished product.

(i poked around
online for pretty pics, but since martha's recipe looks nothing like the recipe that got handed down to me, i opted not to be deceptive and post hers instead. it's ok - i like the way my gramma's loaves look anyways - we do them on a griddle instead of baking them, so they're flatter and also raisin-free.)

i found these pretty pics on flickr of ballymena, which is the town that my gramma's family came from many years ago.
anyhow - happy st pat's day from an irish girl who doesn't want to be kissed. (please.)

( i thought this was a super-cute st patricks day post, though: ways to be green on a very green day)

photo: harper's town via flickr


Anonymous said...

You dont' want to be kissed?? Crazy girl, be adventerous! :D

The soda bread sound good! I wish I was there to share some, I guess I'm going to have to make my own and maybe enjoy some green beer with it.

You sound like me! I get urges to start baking at strange hours too, but it makes things fun!

cindy : quaint said...

here's to gramma's recipe! happy day to you lass ;)!

Winklepots said...

I promise not to kiss you if you share some of your soda bread. :o)

please sir said...

Happy St. Paddy's day - I am CRAVING soda bread today!

Blair said...

That bread sounds wonderful! And those images are so lovely! Happy St. Patricks day to you.

Jennifer said...

Mmmm, the bread does sound good and the picture you chose is lovely :)

Rachel said...

For some reason I hate raisins in bread, and it's always made me shy away from Irish soda bread. But now I want to try yours. Do you ship internationally? And could you make sure it gets here in time for my afternoon tea?

Leah said...

A lovely post, the bread sounds delicious, I hope that you had a very happy day!

Taylor said...

courtney I looooove soda bread. Lucky lucky coworkers of yours! Hope your st. patty's day was wonderful! :)


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