my attention span needs a GPS

oh, wow. i can't believe it's friday already - this week flew by insanely quickly. i'm super behind on my daily blog reads, which makes me kind of antsy because i really look forward to finding out what everyone has to share. i'll be trying to catch up as much as possible this weekend when i get back from visiting my dad. he's only got dial-up, though, so i can't make any promises at this stage in the game.

if you haven't already, check out my new concept for my featured artist/blogger series, and let me know what you think. (even better, if you'd like to participate, email me!). the responses i've received so far have been very positive - even though i kind of figured it anyhow, it's refreshing (and encouraging!) to see that most blog readers out there like to read about other people's lives. a few people mentioned that they used to think blogs were somewhat silly (whoever would wanna read about MY life?! - i know, i used to be one of those) but after having blogged for a year and gotten to know people in the blogosphere, i get it. and it's good.

before i scamper off today, i wanted to share a few bloggy highlights with you that i've enjoyed this week:
  1. the images i've posted above are of an absolutely incredible vintage gym locker set that i tripped over at please sir (don't you just LOVE it?!)

  2. brooklyn diptychs by cindy : quaint

  3. book worm by katelynjane (ok so MAYBE the fact that i suspect this post may or may not be referencing last saturday's bookstore adventure is an awesome ego boost, but the biggest reason that i love it is because of my love affair with all things book. post about a bookstore or library, and i'll likely set up camp outside your blog and attempt to elope with it. (is it possible to elope with something? you certainly don't elope it. there's a word somewhere in there that makes sense, but it eludes me right now. moving on.)

  4. marta's anna freud quote fits nicely with the theme of yesterday's post, and ditto her ever-insightful lil captions that go with it:
    knowing that you, alone,
    do all that you can
    with all that you have.
    in your space
    in your time.
    (she's a smart cookie, that miss marta.)

  5. another smart cookie is the ever-witty, ever-awesome miss tiffany, who writes - and i quote:
    "The other day Max and I were meandering around in the front yard, waiting for the school bus, when we noticed a dead fish lying on the grass. It was such an absurd sight. I think it was a sun fish, about six inches long. I was baffled. How did it get here? I guess because if its proximity to the mailbox, Max was absolutely sure that the mailman had brought it. I left the fish there and the next day it was gone. Is this, perhaps, a message from the mob? It seems like it could be a message from the mob. Even though I got out of the mob years ago and started living legit."
  6. elise's get crafty workshops are something i'm seriously considering signing up for, even though i have never scrapbooked anything in my life and don't particularly plan on starting. i'm just thinking she might have some nifty ideas for creative things... and besides, i always like what she makes. i'm practicing being a little creative sponge lately, and just trying to absorb all of the great ideas that float around online.

  7. i like the word nifty. just thought you should know.

  8. speaking of fantastic creative ideas, have you picked up your copy of kal's you-are-awesome mini print set yet?

  9. super-duper engagement photos featured over at delight by design. the top one's my favourite - how bout you?
k, that's it, i'm outtie. gotta get some work done.

because i'll be up north to visit my dad tomorrow, so i'll be sure to post my weekend post on sunday this week. if you're around - swing by!


Anna said...

Have a good time at your dad's!

Winklepots said...

I LOVE that locker set. That's awesome! Also the house that's featured. Very very cool. I want an organized space that's that cool! :o) Or just an organized space. That would work too.

Tiffany said...

My dad always uses the word nifty. I think it's nifty.

perfect bound said...

Oh how I love your post title. I can only muster enough intelligence to say, YES! Be back tomorrow with a coffee in hand.

cindy : quaint said...

i'm looking forward to your featured blogger series!

i love your post title, too! in fact i love your entire list and that's not because we're included, thanks ;). marta's quote is a keeper. have fun with dad!

thecraftbegins said...

Nifty is a great word and is very under-used, in my opinion. Also, I love this post, for many reasons that I probably can't even get into and still make sense. Lastly, if I could elope with anything, it would be those lockers. ;)

katelynjane said...

Thanks so much for the blog link love! Both here and on twitter (: You can totally elope with my blog, I give my blessing :D

Also, by reading your blog and the depth in some of your entries, you have challenged me to write more in depth entries...to share more of my heart with my readers.

marta said...

such fantastic words. thank you for the niceness. i appreciate it!

i enjoy the blogger series and am loving your links.

happy monday.

your cinni bears are on their way.. i hope they get there soon.

Julia said...

You have so many exciting things happening over here! I'm really excited about your blogger series posts. I'll have to go look those up a little more :)

How was the weekend with your Dad?


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