ivoire et nacre

holy hannah! this week positively dragged by in many many different ways. even though i took last monday off, i still feel like i could use another long weekend. yeesh!

there's a few big things going on in my world right now - perspective-shifting things - that i'm working through. when i'm ready, i'll likely have a new story of my own to post up for what's your story. by the way, your submissions keep rolling in, and you all continue to amaze me. stay tuned for the next installment on monday from katelyn jane.

today, in my interwebs exploration, i came across these absolutely beautiful rooms. their biggest appeal, i think, is
the way that they look clean and crisp, yet laid back and casual at the same time. i like that in a room - particularly since i'm the farthest thing from starched, stiff and stuffy - so why should my house be that way?

a few things to note that i'm particularly loving: the window in the shot in the top right. something about it reminds me of the window featured in this post, which i also happen to really enjoy. i also love the dark floors. mm!

secondly: the shot on the bottom left. hello, pretty lil wicker side tables (are those even wicker? they look too cool to be wicker. grapevine, maybe?) and hello, check out that VIEW! i'd camp out on that couch anyday, with a view like that!

finally, i looove the writing on the wall on the bottom right image. mostly cause it's white-on-white. i'm a big fan. big big.

bon week-end!


Anonymous said...

Woo! On Monday eh? Sweet!

You come up with the most beautiful room images, where do you find these?? They're great!

I love the idea of the light colored writing on the wall, usually it's so bold and out there, maybe that's why I haven't jumped into that trend yet.

The window you linked to is AMAZING! Perfect for a sunny summer day when you want to just lie in the sun. Hmmm, I hope this weekend is nice enough for me to do that.

erin said...


Taylor said...

Love those photos...so lovely!

Massacremike said...

I feel the long week, need for another long weekend and the big things going on in your first two paragraphs.

Some slow would be good pretty soon! :)

cindy : quaint said...

i love these rooms and how you've pulled them together. i'm intrigued by your own story, when you're ready.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

wow, could these images be any more serene/perfect?

katrina lauren said...

i adore a perfect white room...so clean & fresh! love all your picks...inspiring.


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