bonne fete a moi!

while i'd never really & truly admit it, i like it when people make fusses over birthdays. i think people should be made to feel special every day of their lives ... but particularly so on their birthday.

which is why today is an especially lovely day. birthday well-wishes all over facebook, birthday texts and msn messages, and then surprise cupcakes from the resident cupcake guru, genevieve . how yummy!

tonight: dinner with the fam, followed up by some quality time with my all-time favourite peeps in the world (yep - still my fam).

thanks to everyone who's made my day more special in their little individual ways!



Rachel said...

Happy, happy! Sounds like my kind of birthday night.

Aleks said...

Yay! Surprise cupcakes from Genevieve could make ANY day better!

Hope you had a great birthday. And, by had, I do mean are having because it is STILL your birthday.

P.S. Rachael says: Happy Birthday!

Adel said...

Ha! My birthday is Oct. 19, too! Hope you had a great day!

Amanda Nicole said...

Happy happy day!

Julia said...

What a treat! Happiest of birthdays you darling, you!

tattytiara said...

Oh happy belated! I coincidentally just finished baking a cake for my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow. We're taking the entire day to celebrate. I think it's wonderful for everyone to have their own personal annual holiday celebration.

SassyBelle said...

Happy belated birthday!!! That cupcake looks so good I feel like baking now:)


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