for all those who had to bundle up..

i think everyone had to deal with the characteristic snowsuit-under-halloween costume deal, unless you lived somewhere warm. this, however, is one of the best accounts of a first halloween that i've seen in a long time.
"... I knew what costumes were. I loved costumes. They wore costumes in the Wizard of Oz. Glenda the Good Witch - now that broad had a costume! I was a reasonable, rational child, mind you. I didn't get my hopes up that high. I knew four year olds were supporting cast, not feature players. I would be satisfied with pretty much anything the chorus girls wore in any of the musicals my mother used to watch on Sunday afternoons. That's along the lines of what I figured a novice Halloweener would be outfitted in. Surely you didn't get feature dancer quality costumes until you were at least five. Fine with me. Anything would be an improvement on the big, brown, uncomfortable snow suit I usually had to wear when we went out ..."
to read more, check out tattytiara's blog.


M.M.E. said...

So true! I live in North Dakota and we always have snowsuits under our costumes or scarves on or sweaters over our costumes. I once even wore snow boots because it snowed the day before.

tattytiara said...

I just know you could rock a snowsuit and make it look good. I can tell these things about people.

Athena's Armoury said...

Ha! Yeah, I remember having to dress in warm costumes as a kid in NY, luckily no snowsuits were usually necessary. I haven't dressed up in a long time (sadly, it's so much fun), but being in FL now changes things: it's still in the 80's!

Julia said...

Ahh, I needed a snowsuit on Halloween this year. Duluth has some bitterly chilled winds off the lake! Did you go out?

Emily said...

I have a very unhappy picture of a four year-old me as a fat Cinderella b/c I had to wear three large sweatshirts under my Halloween costume! But it probably saved me from catching a cold - but don't tell my mother I said so :)

Anonymous said...

Love this blog!! Thanks for linking to it, it's great to be introduced to great new blogs and excellent writers (:


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