gobbledy gobble!

four-day weekend. awesome. loved the time off and the change of pace, and the shoe tree pit stop on the way up to ian's century-barn-turned-antique-shop. road trips rock.

paige, jess, my mom and i took saturday to drive up to the teensy town of coulson, ontario and the goodies that i always find inside.

this sideboard was an incredible deal - i didn't buy it at the time (mostly because i don't have anywhere to put it since i don't have a house or apartment of my own), but am now strongly reconsidering calling ian back to see if it sold ... and if he could put it aside for me. it's too gorgeous not to, don't you think? i'll find a space - where there's a will, there's a way.

i did, however, buy these chairs ... $69 for the pair! i'm going to get different pillows to use with them - i'm thinking something solid, but am not sure about the colour yet. black? white? mustard yellow? what about a tone-on-tone stripe?

LOVE these suitcases. love. and if you look real close, you can see the reflection of yours truly in the mirror.

a distance shot of my mom, a very pregnant jess and paige in front of the old farmhouse. the building is 130 years old - surrounded in huge trees and fall colours. with their homemade fudge and chocolate macaroons, it was most definitely worth the trip.


Tiffany said...

The pictures of the shoe tree are killing me--so fascinating! I think you would be a lot of fun to road trip with!

Anne. said...

Dude, your adventures are so much fun to read about! I love the last picture, with the dirt road and the leaves of the trees turning colors. Oh and at first glace, I thought the ninety degree angle on the farmhouse was a windmill! That would've been awesome.

lovely lindsay said...

those chairs! you lucky girl.
love, lindsay

Chrisy said...

I'm seeing black and white stripes on those chairs...and the sideboard...yes don't think you'd ever regret getting it...nice blog...


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