gorgeous, darling!

today: i don't want to speak too soon, but i think i'm actually going to leave work on time and not stay late. that's awesome.

yesterday: there was frost on my windshield, which is less awesome ... although strangely enough, i'm getting into a christmas mood just a little bit early this year. must be all the christmas baking recipes i've been pulling out of my magazines lately. i've got a little side project going on right now; am making a recipe book instead of having shelves upon shelves of magazines filled with ads and other unnecessary stuff mixed in with the recipes. consolidating. creating room. and not to mention, making it pretty.

this weekend: although it's a bit early to be posting about the weekend, i can't help it. i'm going up north to the 25th annual Bala Cranberry Festival. we've gone every year for the past five - excluding last, because jess had to go ahead and graduate that day (the nerve!) so this year we're making a triumphant return. more on that later.

for now, let's just enjoy the airy brightness of this house, featured on desire to inspire.

le sigh.


Anne. said...

that house! the views! swooooooon.

Julia said...

Can I come live with you there? I'm curious about your recipe book too--and no, it's not too weird that you're a touch into the Christmas spirit. It happens around this time, right? No? Well, you're normal in my book!

Erica said...

Wow... that is amazing... until I got to the end of your post I thought you lived there and was going to be really jealous ! I was going to be lucky enough to leave work EARLY today, but then my bike needed some work :( and I had to dissolve the 20 minutes of leaving early in some fixing my bicycle juice.


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