i see famous people!

woody harrelson's coming to campus tonight for a pre-screening of his new movie, defendor ... and i've got tickets to check it out! he's gonna be receiving an honorary degree from us as well, which i think is pretty cool.

tomorrow: going to bala for the cranberry festival. gonna take a bunch of pictures, possibly buy some stuff from the craft show, eat a deep-fried mars bar, and laugh my face off with the girls. it's gonna rock. stay tuned.


cindy said...

a deep fried mars bar sounds crazy good! enjoy your weekend!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

You may not want to get too close to Woody Harrelson.LOL! If he is anything like his good friend Owen Wilson I would keep my distance.

I hope you have a great weekend! How can you not with a deep-fried mars bar!

Massacremike said...

She's plenty safe, don't worry. If Woody tried anything he'd have me to contend with.


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