get what you give (tasty edition)

i wanted to have some great fantastic first-day give of the 29-day challenge ready to share with you all today, but i didn't.

yesterday's gift: i came across some contraption today after work that my mom had been looking for, and bought it for her as a little gift ... i know she'd been looking for it and hadn't been able to find it elsewhere, and (as far as i knew) had given up on it.

future gives: i'm trying to focus my gives, though, on things that aren't purchased. it makes it seem too easy ... almost thoughtless, in a way. (and, not to mention, more expensive!) so, from here on in, my gives are going to be of a non-monetary kind. or, if they do require money, i'm going to make sure to put some thought behind it. something a lil more like the super-sweet surprise that arianne's friend sarah dropped off last night, in honour of her (belated) birthday. it was every bit as delicious as it looks - i need to find me some friends of my own who are in the cake-decorating industry!

today: totally busy, but i'm up for it. i'm contemplating attempting to find more hours in the day. does anyone have any suggestions?

bring it, thursday!

photo by me, cake by sarah


picciolo said...

mmmmm, that looks delicious!! If you find any answers to more hours in the day please send them my way!
: )

Amanda Nicole said...

Handmade or non-monetary gifts are the best kind. I made most of my Christmas gifts last year due to finances, and while this year is a teensy bit better, the reception went well enough that I plan on making my gifts again this year. Who doesn't like homemade treats? And there are so many great ideas online!

PS~Erin said...

What a cool idea... I love this and look forward to reading about your quest. ≈I'm going to keep this close in mind.

How's your mom like her gift?


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